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Capture secure pictures from withing the Fylet app

Fylet looks like a very secure application on a very insecure device. Since regular pictures are stored in the internal or external SDCard, for which all application have at least, Read-Only access, I cannot count on my pictures being secure unless Fylet captures the pictures itself and never store them in the shared file system. They must be stored into a relatively secure location where other apps on non-rooted devices are not supposed to have access. At least, until the apps are uploaded to my PC.
Google have refused to deal with the problem of permissions in Android. We must find ways to work around the major weakness of this otherwise great OS.

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under review  ·  AdminDavid (Support Engineer, Fylet) responded  · 

We had own developed camera in Fylet. On our roadmap we had features like encrypting photos after capturing image and before the file is written on the file system. The photos are then in memory decrypted to be shown in Fylet apps. During the transfer files are always encrypted.

Because we did not receive enough interest in those features they dropped in priority.

Would you like to have it like this?


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  • elcano commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm consulting for a person that needs to capture pictures, actually pictures of documents, at remote locations in an HIPAA compliant way.
    This app's description looked like the solution. I think that for some people this would be a reason to pay a reasonable upgrade premium.
    I don't know much about Android APIs, but ideally, you would be able to call an existing camera app like Google' default camera, which is available for most modern devices or the default camera of the specify vendor (good luck with that), and have the picture returned to you directly for encryption, instead of saved to the file system.
    I say this because writing and maintaining a competitive camera app could be a full time effort in its own.
    Notice that in order for it to be HIPAA compliant you must sign a contract letter (business service agreement, I think I'd the name) that that assures that you don't share the data and so on. This could be a better source of revenue than the actual licensing fee, but your market will be much smaller.

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