Password reset

Password reset

When you forget your password, you can reset it on Fylet Desktop application for Windows PCs.

1.             Start Fylet on your Windows PC. If you have previously set option »remember me«, you'll see in the top row »Fylet is ONLINE as …«. In case you don't have »remember me« turned on, continue to section 3.

2.          Go to the Sidebar and click »Log out«.

3.          Now you'll see in the top row option »Forgot password?«. Click it to reset your password.

4.          Enter your username and click »Next«.

5.          Define your new password and reenter it just to make sure you didn't mistype it the first time and click »Next«.

6.          You will get notification of successful password reset. Confirm it and sign in with new password. From now on you'll have to use this password on all of your devices to be able to connect them to transfer data.

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