How to use Fylet?

It’s simple!

1Start Fylet on computer, smart phone or tablet and sign in or sign up in case you don’t have account jet. First time users who sign up on mobile device (smart phone or tablet) will experience short onboarding Fylet tutorial.
2Start Fylet on your other device and sign in.
3From now on transfer is automated - mobile app will scan your device for photos and create gallery. When connection is established between devices transfer of photos will start automatically. You’ll see progress bar on phone's info/home screen and  notification will be shown on transfer completion.
4On info/home page you’ll see status of connection and number of transferred photos.
5Check out your photos and videos Fylet found on your mobile device in a gallery. Long pres any photo to open menu to send delete or select more photos to transfer.

How does Fylet work?

There are two parts of Fylet: the app running on your smart phone or tablet and a matching app on your computer. This enables direct communication between your devices. In two simple steps you’ll have it running.

  1. Install apps on both devices.
  2. Sign up on one device and sign in on the other with the same username/password. You only need one account for all devices.

Every user and device is authenticated and then the process of establishing direct link between your devices is initiated. This could take a while, up to a minute, depending on where your devices are.

And your devices can be on different continents. Even on different planets, if you can connect them to Internet. Meanwhile mobile app will scan your phone/tablet for photos & videos and create a gallery.

When connection is established between devices transfer of photos will start automatically. You’ll be notified on transfer completion. On info/home screen you can monitor status of transfer.

Does my computer need to be powered on for Fylet to work?

Yes. If your computer is turned off, Fylet can’t transfer photos, but transfer will start automatically when computer is booted and Fylet app on computer is started. You can set Fylet app to start automatically after computer operating system is started in Fylet computer application preferences.

Is Fylet secure?

When we built Fylet, our number one priority was creating the best possible user experience. Privacy and security of your photos & videos is a biggest part of that experience. Fylet has embedded privacy by design.
With Fylet you are in control of your data. You don't have to worry about anyone being able to access your photos because they are never stored on any server. Because of peer-to-peer technology they are always sent directly from your smart phone or tablet to your computer. Data is always stored only on your devices. Finally, we will never share any of your personal information with any third parties. Please check out our privacy policy to learn more.

Is Fylet like/similar to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive?

No, Fylet is not like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and similar cloud storage solutions. All of them store your photos & videos on their servers. Fylet doesn't store your photos & videos on any server, not even for a second. Your pictures & videos are stored only on your devices. So you don't have to worry about cloud privacy and security threats at all.

Do I need network connection for Fylet to work?

Yes, you need a network connection to connect devices and transfer photos & videos. You also need Internet connection to authenticate user and devices before transfer can take place.
Fylet for phone and tablet uses whatever Internet connection is available on your device, whether that is WiFi or cellular data to authenticate but will transfer photos & videos only via WiFi.

Does Fylet use my phone’s data plan? Will I be charged?

Yes, if you are connected to the Internet using a cellular data service, Fylet will use your data plan. Your standard data plan rates will apply. You can turn on or off usage of cellular data in Fylet mobile application preferences.

What if connection is lost during transfer?

To be as nice as possible to your mobile’s battery life we developed data deduplication algorithm in our apps. This means photos & videos or part of photo or video that is already on your computer won’t be transferred again. So in case of lost connection during  transfer, only missing part of photo or video will be transferred after connection is restored.

I forgot my password. I can't sign in or sign up.

To reset password for your account you'll need to follow this steps >>>.
To re-associate your mobile devices to your account sign out or exit from Fylet app on your phone or/and tablet (using menu on info/home screen) and start the app again. You'll be prompt to enter your password. That's all.

Does Fylet work on iPhone?

Not at the moment. Fylet is currently developed for Android. But we are planning to expand to other platforms in the near future.
Have a suggestion?  Write it >>>.

Does Fylet work on Apple computer?

No. Fylet currently supports Windows based computers. But we are working on it.
You want it?  Tell us >>>.

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