For first transfer start Windows app before starting Mobile app


Thank you for installing Fylet.

You have successfully installed  both apps on your smartphone and your Windows PC.
But it seems like your phone don't see your computer to be online.

This workaround will help you get around this problem:

  1. on your phone open Fylet app
  2. on the home/info screen touch menu button and select 'Exit'

  3. now close Fylet app on your Windows PC ('x' in top right-hand corner), if it's still opened
  4. Start Fylet on your PC and if not automatically sign-in do it by clicking green sign-in sign at the top of the screen
  5. when Fylet on your PC is running and you are signed-in start Fylet on your phone
It's important to close all apps and start it in right sequence: first PC and than phone.
This is important only for first transfer to start due to a software bug. Wi are fixing it for next release of Fylet.

03 Jun 2014

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